How Do I Save Money on My Lighting?

To begin reducing electrical costs in your building,

Simply click on the Start Prezi arrow, and click to move to each next frame.

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Energy Efficient Lighting – Lighting Energy Conservation – Lighting Rebates -Connecticut – CT and New England

Welcome to Sebago Energy Conservation Corp. – your source for energy efficient lighting and lighting energy efficiency upgrades.

Sebago Energy has been designing and installing Lighting Energy Efficiency projects since 1992. Lighting energy conservation projects have been installed all across the United States.

Did you know that with rebates and financing your project can pay for itself with no money out-of-pocket? We’ll design and build your project and you never cut us a check! The project pays for itself month-to-month out of the savings.

For more information, and a review of savings possibilities in your business, call Kevin Murray at 203.250.0908.

or email

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